Water Heaters

You inherit your water heater when you purchase your home and don’t realize what an important part of your home it is until it stops working. You can’t light the pilot light and have no hot water. For some homes, water heaters are also important for providing heat.

Since water heaters are used every day it’s important for them to be maintained every year. Some manufacturers also recommend draining 1 gallon of water every month to remove any silt or sediment sitting at the bottom of the tank to maintain the efficiency and performance of the unit.

In many cases, the water heater can be turned up to have hotter water but it is recommended that the unit not to be turned down lower than 140 degrees. Legionella bacteria can grow at the bottom of the water heater in low temperatures and can cause a form of pneumonia. If you need to regulate your water temperature you can have a mixing valve installed right at the water heater to reduce the temperature after the water heater but before entering the home.

If you are interested in having faster hot water at your tap, we can install a re-circulation pump so you can get on demand hot water in your kitchen, bath and laundry rooms.