Sewer and Drain Line Specialist

Understanding plumbing is our job so as professionals we take every step to proceed with efficiency and caution. Choosing the right plumbing professionals that has the knowledge to as well as the latest equipment can save money and time. At America’s Finest Plumbing, we keep up with the latest plumbing technologies to ensure our clients receive the best services.

Hydro jetting

Hydro jetting is a service that entails a trailer mounted jetting system that produces up to 4000psi at 12 gallons per minute. It has multiple heads that can be changed out to clear obstructions such as roots, dirt, rocks, grease, etc.   In residential properties hydro jetting services are done from the exterior of the home, normally through an accessible clean out or roof vent. Depending on the circumstances and accessibility, we can also hydro jet through an accessible clean out in your garage.

Sewer Camera Inspections

At times, a sewer line can be inspected by crawling under your home, through your crawlspace but only a portion of the sewer line will be exposed, most of the line will be buried under the home all the way to the city connection.  

The most cost-effective way to have your sewer line inspected is with a sewer line camera. Technology has allowed these inspections to be recorded and save on a USB device. The camera will be able to not only show you the inside of your sewer lines condition but the depth, as well.  

Some residential or commercial drain lines that have been affected by root intrusions, shifting of the ground, excessive grease build-up or deterioration of the line. A sewer line camera will allow us to visually inspect the interior of the line to determine what is causing the sewer line to back up, so that we can offer an estimate to re mediate the issue. 

Drain Lines

Your homes sewage system can consist of different types of material such as; ABS, Transite pipe, Asbestos, Clay, Orangeburg and SDR pipe. Depending on the type of material your drain line is composed of will determine if the sewer line can be repaired or if it will need to be replaced. 

Clean Out Installation

Newer homes normally have customer and property line clean outs installed on the property. These clean outs allow the ability for a plumber or city worker to run a sewer cable machine or hydro jetter through the sewer line to clear stoppages. 

Older homes do not typically have a clean out on the property unless a previous home owner had one installed. We highly recommend having clean outs installed on your property. They are designed to ensure that sewage will not come up into your tub or sinks and instead spill out of the clean out on your property. 

If you are experiencing a main line stoppage and have a property line clean out (near the sidewalk), the city that you live in will clear the line, clean out free of charge, if the stoppage is the responsibility of the city and located on the city side. 

We provide drain and sewer services for both residential and commercial properties. If there are any services that you may need but are not listed, please give us a call. 

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