Gas Lines

Gas Leak 

If you smell gas in or around your home the first thing that you should do is turn off the gas to your home and call the gas company. They will perform a leak detection test and if the smell is indeed gas, they will turn off the gas to the home and if they cannot, will suggest that you contact a licensed plumber to find the leak to have it repaired. 

Electric to Gas Range 

We can help you when you’re looking to replace your electric stove for a gas range and need to run a gas line. Our technician will determine if the current line is large enough to add an additional gas fixture to the line and provide you with an estimate to have the job done properly. All new gas line installations include permit and inspection fees. 

New Gas Line 

We can provide you with an estimate and the best possible route if you need a gas line run to your home for a new stove or to your backyard for a new bbq pit or jacuzzi.

Adding a Gas Fixture  

A technician would be happy to make a site visit, for an estimate, if you’re looking to add a gas fixture to your current line. We will need to know the BTU’s of each fixture and can provide an estimate to either tie into the current line or an estimate to upgrade your gas line to a larger size, if needed. 

New Gas Stove 

If you’re replacing your gas stove, you may not be aware, but most of the new gas line connections are in a different place than your current stove. We can provide you with an estimate to modify your gas line so you can have your new stove, properly set into place. 

Abandoning a Gas Line 

Do you need to have a gas line capped off in your laundry room or did your home have a pool that no longer exists? We can cap that line for you, as well.